The latest Risk Assessment form for COSHH is available here: F08. A risk assessment needs to be completed for each cleaning and chemical product onsite and included in your COSHH folder. Use the safety data sheet and collaborate with your business manager, caretaker, or cleaners to complete these risk assessments. The corporate health and safety unit deliver virtual COSHH training aimed at Premises Managers, caretakers and business managers with the next course dates on 17th May and 9th June. Email to book a place.

A question we often get asked in the corporate health and safety unit is, we have the safety data sheets for all our hazardous substances; do we still need to carry out COSHH risk assessments?  The answer is yes, safety data sheets do not substitute for carrying out and recording a COSHH risk assessment.  Gathering safety data sheets is only the first stage in the assessment process. These sheets will provide information on the hazardous properties of the substances you are using, any health effects associated with its use, how likely it is to get into the air or onto the skin, and what risk reduction measures you should use to control exposure to an acceptable level. However, it will not be specific to your workplace and cannot consider the particular environment you work in.

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Further information can be found in our Hazardous substances policy

  • Risk Assessment form for COSHH is available here: F08
  • Sign up for virtual COSHH training: 17th May 10am or 9th June 10am. To book a place email Charges will be confirmed upon booking.
  • Chemicals poster from the HSE
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April 19, 2023

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