Joint Independent Remuneration Panel

The arrangements for determining allowances for elected members are set down in statutory regulations – the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (SI 1021) and subsequent amendments to the regulations (SI 2003/1022 and SI 2003/1692). Each local authority is required to maintain an Independent Panel to make recommendations to the Council on Members’ Allowances and allowances payable to independent and co-opted members.

The County Council, Mendip District Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council have established a Joint Independent Remuneration Panel to advise the councils on their respective schemes.

View recent JIRP reports on Somerset County Council’s Scheme of Members’ Allowances, together with the Council’s decisions in response to the panel’s reports below.

JIRP report  – 19 July 2017

Council decision on the JIRP recommendations – 19 July 2017

JIRP report – 30 November 2016 (contained in the report of the Monitoring Officer)

Council decision on the JIRP recommendations – 30 November 2016 (see paragraph 8 on page 2)

JIRP report – 15 July 2015

Council decision on the JIRP recommendations  – 15 July 2015 (see Minute AK163 on page 6)

JIRP report – 17 July 2013

Council decision on the JIRP recommendations – 17 July 2013 (see Minute AK18 on page 10)

Somerset County Council operates a Members’ Allowances Scheme. 

Under the Scheme:

  • Each County Councillor (also referred to by the term ‘Member’) receives a basic allowance for undertaking their Council duties.
  • Certain members are paid Special Responsibility Allowances to undertake specific additional duties
  • Members can claim travel costs, subsistence costs, and dependent carers’ cost whilst undertaking approved duties, subject to certain conditions
  • Independent co-opted members of the committees can claim travel and subsistence costs and co-opted members of the Standards Committee receive a co-opted members’ allowance.

Members Allowances Public Notice

Scheme of Members Allowances for 2019/20