If you were granted planning permission before 1 September 2019, or have or intend to apply for a relief or an exemption from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in respect of a liability notice issued before 1 September 2019, then the changes introduced by the 2019 Regulations will not apply to you. It is particularly important to note that in such cases, failure to submit a commencement notice before starting any works onsite, will continue to result in the loss or the relief of exemption.

How much is the levy

CIL will be charged at the rates shown on the Charging Schedule and in accordance with the Charging Zones:

CIL Charging Schedule
CIL charging maps
Public notice

Payment of CIL

CIL must be paid within 60 days of the commencement of development. Where a CIL liability is over £15,000 the liable party may pay in accordance with our Instalments Policy which is available below:

CIL Instalments Policy

CIL Indexation

CIL payments must be index-linked from the year that CIL was introduced to the year that planning permissions are granted. The index we must use is the national all-in tender price index published by the Build Cost Information Service (BCIS).

From January 2020 the RICS CIL Index is used to calculate CIL liability in accordance with Schedule 1 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended).

The RICS All-in Tender Price Index for 2014 ( CIL implementation) was 235.

Annual Community Infrastructure Levy Rate Summary – 2022
Annual Community Infrastructure Levy Rate Summary – 2021
Annual Community Infrastructure Levy Rate Summary – 2020

Further information on the CIL index-linking calculation can be found in Schedule 1 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended).

This CIL Calculator can help you work out the approximate amount payable.

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