We have a duty to keep the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way under continuous review and to investigate any applications which are made to modify it.

You can find out more about what the Definitive Map is and how modifications can be made on our Apply to add, delete or upgrade a public right of way page.

Once an application is received the evidence upon which it is based must be investigated. Part of the investigation process includes publishing a draft report containing our preliminary findings. This allows for comments to be submitted and taken into account prior to a decision being made. At the end of the consultation period the report is updated and a decision made as to whether the Definitive Map should be modified. That decision is either made by the Regulation Committee, or by an officer under delegated powers. Regulation Committee agendas and minutes (including decisions) can be found here. Completed reports are available on the same page 7 days in advance of the meeting at which the case will be determined.

The table below includes details both of those draft reports on which we are currently consulting and reports relating to cases which have recently been determined.

Draft reports
Please note that although the draft reports include a recommendation, no decision has been made at this stage. The consultation is an opportunity to comment on the findings in the report and, if necessary, to provide any further evidence that you feel might be relevant. Any comments or evidence that you do submit can then be fully considered and taken into account before a decision is made.

Please bear in mind that under the current legislation factors such as security, privacy, safety and opinions on the desirability or otherwise of the proposed modifications cannot be taken into account. We can only take into account evidence which shows whether or not a public right of way already exists. Comments which only express support for, or objection to, the application will not influence the outcome.

If you intend to comment on the application you may also be interested in Natural England’s booklet entitled A Guide to Definitive Maps and Changes to Public Rights of Way

It is important to be aware that any evidence or correspondence that is submitted as part of, or in response to, this consultation will be treated in accordance with data protection principles. In order to decide if a public right of way exists it may be necessary to disclose any information received from you. The information provided in any response to this consultation cannot be treated as confidential. You should therefore only provide us with the information if you are happy for it to be placed in the public domain, including it being published on the internet.

Please ensure your comments reach Somerset County Council on or before the date on which the consultation ends.

Completed reports
Where a case has been determined a summary of the decision has been included in the table; please note that in some circumstances this may differ from the recommendation in the report. If the decision is to make an order this will usually be done within 3 months of the date of the decision. Unlike the draft reports, reports relating to determined cases are included in the table for information purposes only. They are not currently being consulted on.

563 and 564M Merriott

563 and 564M


South Somerset


Application to record an alleged bridleway in Montacute and Chilthorne Domer



South Somerset

Montacute and Chilthorne Domer

Applications to record Charmoor Lane, Charmoor Drove and Hamway Lane as Restricted Byways and to vary the particulars of footpath CH7/39

630M, 632M, 633M and 862M


South Somerset

Charmoor Drove