Somerset County Councillors were invited to consider the need for Small Improvement Schemes (SiS) in their areas. These schemes were to be developed, taking into account problems that they and their communities were aware of, in relation to their local highways. A maximum of two schemes could be put forward for consideration each year and, due to the pressure on the funding, that the two requests should also be prioritised. Schemes were also developed for consideration by officers, which were more strategic in nature. All schemes were then vetted by an officer panel before consideration by the Cabinet Member.

Plans for those schemes approaching construction can be viewed in the table below. The designs for further schemes will be added as the detailed design stage nears completion.

Please note, all plans shown are subject to changes as the design process progresses. Amended plans will be displayed as soon as they are available.

Please forward any scheme ideas or requests to the County Councillor for your area so that they may consider them for submission.

Advisory leaflet – Traffic Calming

Advisory leaflet – Pedestrian Crossings

Advisory leaflet – Safety Improvements

Advisory leaflet – Traffic Management

Advisory leaflet – Footways and Cycleways

MN004212 A39 Broadway


MN004228 A38 Taunton Road


MN004211 Wills Road junction


62102425-003-001-Rev C

TI004332 Beacon Hill Crossroads


TI004320 Blackbrook, Taunton

Somerset West and Taunton

70051202-014_Rev A

Polden Street, Bridgwater


70051360-020 Rev A

Marsh Lane, Dunster

Somerset West and Taunton

Queensway bus shelter, Taunton

Somerset West and Taunton

Bossington Drive, Taunton

Somerset West and Taunton

70051201-012 Rev - B