The Happy Families, Happy Futures programme is designed to improve communication and ease tension between parents or carers, supporting a happy environment for their children.

The support is available for parents who are in a relationship or separated and includes step-parents, adoptive parents and those who have caring responsibilities for children, for example, grandparents and other individuals where there is a Residence Order. Expecting parents who are separated can also access support.

We offer 4 types of interventions depending on the family’s individual circumstances:

Family Transitions Triple P is for:
* separated parents or those going through divorce/separation
* expecting parents

Incredible Years Advance is for:
* parents in a relationship
* parents with a child aged 4 – 12 years

Within My Reach is for:
* separated parents
* expecting parents

Family Check-Up – Available from August 2019 – is for:
 * parents in a relationship and separated parents
*  parents with children aged 2 – 17 years

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Universal - This is for everyone, including people with special educational needs and disabilities

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