The aim is to establish a lively approach across Glastonbury to dealing with environmental issues and green opportunities, including those relating to the economy.

Objectives include: to deliver 2.5 kms of walking and cycling paths, with infra-structure to be agreed, and to provide opportunities for business and skills support. People will have better connections with nature and the Somerset Levels and Moors.


Towns Fund:  £2.72m
Co-Funding:  Potential funding being explored

Key project themes:

Tackle Climate Change
Grow the Economy
Reduce Deprivation
Improve Health and Wellbeing


Will act as a focus for solutions to address climate change and ecological decline, as well as health and wellbeing.
Addresses need in Glastonbury to provide outside space to mitigate virus issues.
Addresses need for skills training to attract good green jobs
Recognises that climate change and pandemic issues necessitate the need to change the way we live and work

Project summary:

To develop a visionary new Nature Engagement and Sustainability Centre, within the existing Baily’s Buildings of the Beckery and Morland’s site. This centre will be a catalyst for sustainability, a green economy and climate change mitigation.

To provide:

Cutting-edge exhibition, meeting and education spaces. A place to engage, teach, inform and connect people with the natural world, green technologies and sustainability.

A centre of excellence and learning complementing existing uses of the site.

Increased employment opportunities in the developing environmental and green technology sectors.

A new base for members of the SWT and SEC teams, bringing internal investment into the town and creating a beneficial and active SWT and SEC presence within the Glastonbury community.

The centre will look outward as a ‘Gateway’ giving local communities and visitors direct links to the internationally important wetlands of the Avalon Marshes via new cycling and walking networks, thus enhancing wellbeing.


Environmental centre established plus new rewilded exercise space for the town
Produce more people who know what to do to address climate change/health and wellbeing

Lead organisation: Sustainable Environment Company (SEC) and Somerset Wildlife Trust (SWT) working with Strode College

Last reviewed: March 22, 2023 by Keri

Next review due: September 22, 2023

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