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Information about the planned public transport and EV charging points



Introducing a Park & Ride facility with an Electric Bus service and EV charging, as well as mitigating issues relating to car parking. This will make the town more accessible in a climate friendly way.


Towns Fund:  £0.93m
Co-Funding:  Potential funding being explored
Key project themes:
Tackle Climate Change
Solve Transport Issues


Addresses commitment to climate change by reducing car traffic
Recognises challenging congestion in the Town Centre, discouraging Tourism and retail activity

Project summary:

Glastonbury is constrained by heritage sites and its location adjacent to the Somerset Levels. The provision of improved park and ride facilities will:

Assist with the shortage of car parking facilities, particularly in the centre of town.

Allow a growth in visitor numbers which in turn improves the towns sustainability.

Allows for the introduction of an improved night-time economy, which in turn assists sustainability.

The introduction of an electric bus service will meet the requirements to reduce carbon emissions, improve health and meet the expectations of Glastonbury Residents to become carbon neutral.

Removes issues on existing sites relating to car parking which are difficult to manage.


Town more accessible in a climate friendly way
180 tonnes carbon saved every year

Lead organisation: Glastonbury Town Council

Last reviewed: March 22, 2023 by Keri

Next review due: September 22, 2023

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