Acoustic Services

Our Acoustic Advisor has more than 30 years experience providing services to support the many functions of the Council and advises members of the public and commercial enterprises.

You can find details below of the services that can be provided when there is no conflict of interest with statutory functions undertaken by the Council.

Acoustic advice:

  • Acoustic improvement of listening environments
  • Appraisal of acoustic information and reports
  • Assessment of vibration impacts on buildings and their occupants
  • Hearing conservation and employer action required under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations
  • Planning advice on the control of noise and vibration impacts from minerals and waste development
  • Preparation of noise reports required by building control during school development projects and advice on refurbishment requirements
  • Preparation of reports to support District Council planning applications
  • Preparation of reports to provide product information on noise emissions

Acoustic measurement:

  • Attended measurement of sound level and frequency characteristic
  • Unattended long-term environmental noise assessment
  • Blast event or other vibration monitoring assessment
  • Building performance assessment of reverberation, sound insulation, plant noise and noise break-in
  • Machinery noise and operator noise exposure assessment

You can find more information about specific acoustic services in the Information and resources section.