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Update on new schools in Yeovil – Lufton and Wyndham Park 

Children can start school the term after they turn four.

The closing date for starting school applications was 15 January. Please click the button below to make a late application.

Apply to start school  

What if I miss the deadline or want to change my preferences after the closing date?
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Who do I apply to?
All applications for a starting school place in September 2016 must be made to your home authority - this is who you pay your council tax to. If you are unsure if your child lives in Somerset, you can check whether we are your local authority for school admissions here.

How do I get more information?
If your child is due to start school in September 2016 you are advised to carefully read the Primary Admissions Guide before making your application. This contains everything you need to know in order to make your school place application including information on the different types of school, Published Admission Numbers and the criteria used to allocate places at schools and academies.  

If you would like information on how places were allocated at your preferred schools in previous years please click here.

Please see below for some important tips on making your school place application.

Apply using the button above.

How will I find out which school I’ve been offered?
If you applied by the closing date of 15 January 2016 you will be sent the outcome of your application on 16 April 2016 or next working day. If you applied online you will receive an email on this date and if you applied using a paper application form you will be sent a letter by second class post on 18 April 2016. Information will not be given out over the phone or in person at the Council offices.

From 16 April you can view the outcome of your application by logging into the online application system here.

What if I missed the deadline or want to change my preferences after the closing date?
Please note, it is the parent/carer's responsibility to make an on-time school place application. If you are making an application after the closing date, it will be classed as late and your application will be considered according to the dates below.

For applications received by 6 May 2016 we will aim to send outcomes on 10 June 2016.

Applications received after 6 May 2016 will be processed in strict date order of receipt from 10 June 2016.

We would strongly advise that you carefully consider the following when making your school place application. 

  • It is strongly advised you put three school preferences on your form especially if you live in an urban area. You are not given a higher priority for any school by stating it as your only preference and may be more likely to be allocated a school you have not chosen. This could also be some distance from your home address.  
  • Places are allocated using the 'Equal Preference with Ranking' method. This means all preferences are considered equally and a place is offered at the highest preference possible.  
  • If you wish to be considered for your catchment school you must include it as one of your preferences. You can check your school catchment area on a map on the 'Check school catchment area' page. The map is a representation of the catchment areas and cannot be relied upon for purchasing a property. If you are considering purchasing a property or if you live near a school border then please contact us.  
  • There are no guarantees that siblings will be allocated the same school when the school is over-subscribed so you are advised to put other preferences, especially if you live outside the catchment area.  
  • Carefully read the over-subscription criteria for the schools you have chosen. For all VC and Community schools this can be found on page 23 of the Primary Admissions Booklet. For all other schools the criteria are included against each school in the table in pages
    22 - 59 of the Primary Admissions Booklet.  
  • If your preferred school(s) requires a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) or further proof (for example, proof of regular church attendance), it is essential that this is sent in with your application form if you would like your child to be considered under the appropriate criterion. All SIFs can be found on the school website. For VC schools only the religious proof SIF can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page.  
  • If you have recently moved address or are due to move please provide proof of your new address.  
  • You will be responsible for transporting your child to any school you name as a preference unless you have a statutory entitlement or qualify for discretionary transport under exceptional circumstances. 

Fraudulent school place applications
We welcome information about potentially fraudulent and/or intentionally misleading school place applications. If you know about a fraudulent application you can send us this information anonymously if you prefer.

Summer Born Children
Parents of summer born children may request that they are admitted into reception rather than year one when they become of compulsory school age. The parent is required to make an on-time application for the child’s normal age group but can submit a request for admission out of the normal age group at the same time. The local authority will then ensure that the parent receives a response to the request before primary national offer date. 

If their request is agreed, their application for the normal age group may be withdrawn before a place is offered. If their request is refused, the parent must decide whether to accept the offer of a place for the normal age group, or to refuse it and make an in year application for admission to year one for the September following the child’s fifth birthday. 

Where a parent’s request is agreed, they must make a new application as part of the main admissions round the following year. 

One admission authority cannot be required to honour a decision made by another admission authority on admission out of the normal age group. Parents, therefore, should consider whether to request admission out of the normal year group at all their preference schools, rather than just their first preference schools. 

Advice from the DfE on the admission of summer born children 

Update on new schools in Yeovil – Lufton and Wyndham Park 
Initially, our intention was to have those school buildings open by September 2016. Unfortunately, developer, planning and access issues are still being resolved and completion of the new buildings will be delayed.

Preston Primary School will be the sponsor for the school in Lufton and Huish Primary School for the school at Wyndham Park. 

We are working with the new school sponsors on alternative arrangements to cover the period until the buildings are ready. At this stage the exact location is yet to be finalised. 

Admission arrangements for the new schools have now been finalised. The Wyndham Park school admission arrangements can be viewed here and the Lufton admission arrangements can be viewed here.

The new schools are now available as a preference on the on-line application form so parent/carers can make an application for a reception place for September. It is currently only possible to apply for a reception place for September 2016, applications cannot yet be made for any other year group.

Please note the interim school names are Lufton Primary School and Wyndham Primary School for the purposes of making a school place application.

Please check this page regularly for more information.


Contact: Admissions and Entitlements Team
Address: County Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4DY
Contact no: 0300 123 2224
Fax: 01823 356113
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5pm, Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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