Report a problem and apply for a review
LicensingAlcohol and entertainment

Includes information on reporting a problem with a licensed premises or club premises

Report a problem with a street light
Roads, travel and parkingRoad signs, markings and lighting

We maintain and repair street lights to national standards to provide safe access to all road users

Report a problem with a public right of way
Roads, travel and parkingRights of Way

Report problems on footpaths, bridleways and byways using our interactive map

Report a problem or incident with school transport
Children, families and educationSchool transport

We want to provide school transport that is safe and stress-free for all passengers

Report a problem on the road
Roads, travel and parkingProblems on the road

We repair potholes and other road defects, and maintain our roads, for the safe access of all road users

Check the status of a road problem you have reported

You will need a report reference number to use this service

Report problem with a tree by the road
Roads, travel and parkingProblems on the road

We are responsible for maintaining most trees on roadside verges, including street trees in urban areas

Report a build up of waste
Environment Health and food safetyNoise, smoke and other nuisance

An accumulation of rubbish may be investigated if there is the possibility it may be a public health concern

Report a food business or make a complaint
Environment Health and food safetyFood safety

Report an issue about food that is manufactured, prepared, sold or served in Somerset

Report a vehicle parked on a grass verge
Roads, travel and parkingProblems on the road

What we will do depends on the nature of the obstruction