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It is important to be aware of tide times on beaches and ports to keep yourself and others safe.

Tide times tell you what time the water will be at its highest point (high tide) and at its lowest point (low tide).

Burnham on Sea, Berrow and Brean beaches

The beaches at Burnham on Sea, Berrow and Brean have very high tidal ranges and are some of the highest in the world.

For information on tide times please follow the link, which will take you to the BBC webpage with the Burnham on Sea tide times.

Port of Bridgwater

The Port is significantly affected by the large tidal rise and fall some 12 metres on a big spring tide which will affect navigation both in the port area and approaches to the Port. Port of Bridgwater weather Station at Burnham-on-Sea.

For tidal predictions for the Port of Bridgwater area, visit Hydrographic Office – Tide Times for Bridgwater Port.

For local live weather information for the Port of Bridgwater at Burnham, visit Weather Station for the Port of Bridgwater.

If you are planning on bringing in a commercial vessel into the Port that requires pilotage, then you must confirm with the Harbour Master the tidal restrictions when arranging pilotage.

Contact Harbour Master

Phone 0300 303 7799

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