The Council operates a Beach Safety Warden Service on a seven mile stretch of sandy rural beaches, that are a popular holiday destination as well as a lovely dog walking area.

We have the second highest tidal range in the world. At low tide, a vast expanse of mud flat is exposed which is dangerous to walk on.


Please do not attempt to reach the water at low tide.

Although the water contains silt stirred up by the tidal movement, the bathing water has been classified as ‘Good’ according to the Bathing water quality by the Environment Agency. Access to the water can be gained two hours either side of high tide. It is rural in nature with sand dunes at the top of the beach, which stretches for miles, and makes it ideal for walking. Dogs are very welcome, but must be kept under control or on a lead. We also welcome horses and riders, see guidelines.  Please clean up any fouling immediately and place in the bins provided.


There is access to the Berrow Dunes Local Nature Reserve from Berrow Beach, and an old shipwreck is visible at low water, but beach users should be aware that mud is exposed as the tide recedes, which is a major hazard.


There is access to Brean Down where a bracing walk awaits you with incredible panoramic views, but stay well away from the cliff edges.


We hope you enjoy your day on the beach, but please observe the following information for the safety of all beach and foreshore users.

Land Yachts and Kite Buggies. Only members of the Brean Land Yacht Club and S.W.A.T.K. may sail on Brean Beach. Members may only sail at organised meetings, must abide by club rules and only use areas of the beach authorised in the byelaws.

Quad Bikes, unlicensed vehicles and L Drivers are prohibited at all times in the interest of safety for other beach users.

Horse Riding. Strictly no cantering or galloping near the dune area or in the car park areas. Please keep well away from other beach users.

Power Kites are permitted, but may only be used well away from the dune area and other beach users.

Parachute and gliding sports including parascending and microlights are prohibited at all times in the interest of safety for other beach users.

Jet Skis. In the interest of safety, jet skis are not permitted on Berrow or Brean Beach. Jet skis will be allowed access through the council entrance at Burnham on Sea.

Remote control cars and planes are permitted, but may only be used well away from the dune area and must not disturb residents or other beach users.

The Beach Safety Wardens have the authority to stop or relocate any activity or behaviour deemed by them to be potentially dangerous or annoying to other beach or foreshore users.

Activities must carry suitable third-party insurance cover and produce this on request.


‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs, waste nothing but time!’

Access to the Beach (Winter Opening 30 October 2023 – 27 March 2024)

Berrow is open between the hours of 10am and 3pm daily (closed on Christmas day), and Brean parking will be open Saturday and Sundays 10am till 3pm, and the bank holidays over Christmas and on New Year’s Day, taking into account tidal conditions. Parking on the beach is permitted, but there is a strict 15mph speed limit. The road traffic act applies to the area, and any speeding or dangerous driving will be reported to the police immediately.

Please drive with extreme caution and be vigilant for exposed holes left by dogs and children digging, and branches left by the tides. Never attempt to drive on the mud flats, even a 4×4 will get stuck and recovery is very expensive.

The Beach Safety Wardens will be on hand for safety and advice.

Outside of these hours there are no beach safety staff on duty, and the vehicular access gates will be closed. There is permanent parking spaces on the access road to Berrow and at the nearby Berrow Dunes Nature reserve car park, for pedestrian access, and down at Brean Cove. There are disabled access points at nearby Burnham-on-sea beach for those who are unable to use the pedestrian access at Berrow and Brean Beach.

Last reviewed: February 19, 2024 by Keri

Next review due: August 19, 2024

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