Dogs on the beach


On Burnham-on-Sea beach, there are restrictions and byelaws in place for dogs on the beach. The restriction is dependent on which Burnham-on-Sea beach area you are using.

In summary the beach area and restrictions are:

  • Beach area 1 – (between the Jetty and the Pavilion) – Dogs are banned all year round on the beach, jetty and Esplanade steps
  • Beach area 2 – (between the Jetty and the Yacht club) – Dogs are banned on the beach and Esplanade steps from May to September each year. Outside of these dates dogs are permitted on this area of the beach.
  • Beach area 3 - (between the Pavilion and Maddocks Slade, north end of the sea wall) – Dogs are banned on beach and Esplanade step from May to September each year. Outside of these dates dogs are permitted on this area of the beach.

For a map showing the dog control areas on the beaches, please see this document:  Burnham-on-Sea Beach Dog Ban Areas [849.07KB]

Please note it is an offence to take your dog onto a beach where there is a dog ban in force. Beach Wardens patrol these areas. In addition, Dog Wardens also undertake patrols and will issue fixed penalty notices or may prosecute those who do not comply with dog bans.

North of Burnham, Berrow Beach and Brean Beach

Dogs are permitted throughout the year on all the beaches North of the sea wall at Maddocks Slade in Burnham all the way to Brean Down which includes both Berrow beach and Brean Beach.


You can find information about Minehead beach on the Visit Exmoor website.

Dog fouling

Please remember to clean up after your dog, it is an offence to allow your dog to foul and for you not to clean up afterwards. Dog Wardens undertake patrols and will issue fixed penalty notices or may prosecute those not cleaning up after their dogs.

For more information on Dog Fouling, please see Dog Fouling.

Guidelines for horse and pony owners on Sedgemoor beaches

Here are some guidelines and safety points for people who want to exercise horses and ponies on beaches. The guidelines and safety points are for the safety of horse and pony riders and other members of the public.

  • The beach and foreshore are used by many different people for different purposes. That is why there is a bye-law that says that riders should not race, drive or train horses which may cause danger to others. Thank you for your consideration. Excerpt from the bye-law: “No person shall, on the foreshore, break-in any horse or other animal or ride or drive any other animal in a race or so as to cause danger or annoyance to any person using the foreshore.”
  • There are designated areas for horse or pony riding. Please do not use any slipway or entrance to Burnham-on-Sea beach or area of beach the length of the sea wall from the Yacht Club to Maddocks Slade for horse, pony riding or horse and trap. If you are unsure, please ask the beach wardens.
  • The beach warden will be on duty between the hours of 10am and 6pm Monday – Sunday, and 9am – 6pm bank holiday weekends and half terms (and from and 10am – 5pm 1 October – to the last Sunday in October), taking into account tidal conditions. There is a charge to park, please see prices.
  • We advise that you check opening times and tide times before setting off on your journey.
  • We strongly advise riders who are using the beach for the first time, should choose a day when the tide is fully out, so they can identify all obstacles such as posts, shipwreck etc.
  • The Berrow dunes are designated as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The sand dune system at Berrow is rare, both on a national and local scale and contain a wide variety of coastal habitats which support a diverse range of flora and fauna. Please respect this special landscape and do not ride in the preservation area of dunes.
  • Be aware of all other beach users, especially as the beach is a family area where there will be small children playing, dogs etc.
  • Please collect and remove horse manure.
  • Consider your insurance in case you injure yourself or others. You may be asked to show your insurance particulars.
  • Please make sure that you have a mobile phone with you. In the event of an accident the nearest telephone is some distance away; and due to the nature of the beach not all areas are accessible to ambulances.
  • Please listen to the advice offered by Beach Safety Wardens and comply with any instructions given. This is for your own, and others, safety.
  • Please do not canter or gallop on the beach within the beach parking areas at Brean or Berrow, and always be aware of the unseen hazards along the beach.

Last reviewed: November 23, 2023 by Ian

Next review due: May 23, 2024

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