Project Overview

The left bank of the River Tone between Frieze Hill and Town Bridge is one of the three identified ‘short-term’ local intervention solutions. This is being delivered in partnership with us by the Environment Agency.

The main objective of the project is to improve the existing flood defences on the left bank of the River Tone between Frieze Hill and Town Bridge. This initiative combines repair, replacement and the implementation of new flood defences to reduce the risk of flooding to areas of Taunton.

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TTC5 Left Bank of the River Tone between Frieze Hill and Town Bridge


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Key Features

  1.  Increased protection – The proposed work will significantly increase protection in a flood with a 1 in 100 (1%) chance of occurring in any one year.
  2. Residential and commercial resilience – Residents and businesses located in the area north of the River Tone, between Weirfield Green and Town Bridge will benefit from a reduced risk of flooding. This also applies to the North Town area.
  3. Strategic impact – The risk of flooding will be reduced at the planned growth and regeneration sites at Firepool and Tangier. Also, the risk of flooding will be reduced for key transport routes including the A3027 Bridge Street, A3027 Staplegrove Road and the A3087 Station Road.
  4. Preserving essential infrastructure – The project will also protect significant infrastructure including BT Exchange, Police Station, Council Offices, North Town Primary School and essential services such as fuel stations and food stores.

Current Phase

The project is currently in the outline design phase which is being carried out by our consultants, Binnies.

Project Update

  • As of February 2024, all surveys and assessments to inform the planning application and outline design have been carried out.
  • A Collaborative Agreement was signed by the Environment Agency and Somerset Council in February 2022 to take forward the project.
  • Binnies were appointed in March 2022 for the detailed design, consents and permissions phase of the project.
  • Investigations of the flood defences and ground conditions in the area took place in Spring and Summer 2023. Some of the defences need to be replaced, others repaired and some are to remain as is.
  • A range of ecological and environmental surveys have taken place over the 12 month period of 2023 to 2024. Species will continue to be monitored through construction.
  • Conversations with third party landowners on or near the alignment of the defences began in Autumn 2020 and continues.

Project Timeline

  • February 2024 – All surveys and assessments completed
  • March 2024 – Progression of outline design
  • March 2024Public drop-in session (25 March)
  • Summer 2024 – Planning application submitted
  • Early 2025 – Construction works scheduled to begin

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