Cut waste, save time and avoid missing important post by reducing addressed junk mail, unaddressed junk mail, and local junk mail.

Addressed junk mail

To stop addressed junk mail, register online with the Mailing Preference Service. All members of a household with the same surname are covered. The process takes up to four months to start. Your details remain on their register until you inform them of any required changes; you no longer need to re-register every five years.

You will still receive mail from companies that you have done business with or contacted in the past, such as catalogue companies.

For more information about the mailing service or to register:

Website: Mailing Preference Service Online
Phone: 0845 703 4599

Unaddressed junk mail

Much unaddressed junk mail is posted out regionally to every household. Contact the Royal Mail Door to Door service, giving your name and full address, to stop receiving some unaddressed junk mail. This can take up to six weeks. Using this service not only stops delivery of unaddressed material delivered by Royal Mail, but will also stop unaddressed deliveries of useful information sent by your local council.

For more information or to register:

Website: Royal Mail Door to Door service

You can ask members of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) – a trade body for direct marketing firms – to stop delivery of their unaddressed mail.

For more information or to register:

Website: Data and Marketing Association
Phone: 020 7291 3300

Local junk mail

You may wish to put up a “No Free Newspapers or Junk Mail” notice on your front door. This should stop unwanted leaflets, like takeaway menus. Any junk mail can be recycled through your kerbside black recycle box or at any recycle site.

Last reviewed: August 4, 2023 by Sophie

Next review due: February 4, 2024

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