Recycling services for schools

There are many great sources of education materials and activities.

Local Education Authority (LEA) and Academy schools can arrange waste and recycling collections, including for food waste. Please phone Somerset Council on 0300 123 2224 for more information and assistance.

Other non LEA schools make their own arrangements for collections and may find our business recycling page helpful.

Schools Against Waste

Somerset Council has well established links with the Carymoor Environmental Trust, a local charity providing recycling, waste and environmental education in Somerset.

Carymoor delivers our Schools Against Waste (SAW) programme which offers FREE assemblies and workshops to all primary schools in Somerset.

These promote the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ message to schools and receive great feedback from schools who have taken part.

The team can also work with each school to review current recycling schemes in place. To find out more and request a visit contact , and check Schools against waste

Carymoor’s outreach education team can also provide activities at the Carymoor Environmental Centre, including workshops and tours of a working landfill site at Dimmer, near Castle Cary.

For more information about the great activities offered by Carymoor, including environmental education for primary and secondary schools, after schools clubs, INSET training and school grounds advice visit the Carymoor website.

Food waste education pack

A colourful educational pack is available on food waste and the science behind Somerset’s anaerobic digestion (AD) plant near Bridgwater.

The pack, developed by Carymoor Environmental Trust, includes a worksheet on ‘burping bacteria’ from the duo behind best-selling Horrible Science books, writer Nick Arnold and artist Tony De Saulles.

As well as educating Somerset pupils about technology and biology, the pack aims to help children encourage families to recycle food waste rather than add it to their refuse bin. Aimed at Key Stage Two pupils aged seven to eleven, the pack includes lesson plans, key facts and educational games to explore where food comes from, and how it can be recycled.

You can download copies of the pack and a PowerPoint presentation to kick off the topic from Carymoor Environment Trust website.

Eco-School grants

In 2021-22, we offered schools £500 grants for to help them participate in the Eco-Schools programme. This is part of our commitment to encouraging waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Thirteen grants were awarded and we intend to offer the grants again from September 2023.

For more information about the Eco-Schools programme please visit Eco-Schools.

Other resources – school textile recycling scheme
Teaching resources – free educational resources from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Eco Schools – international awards to guide schools on their sustainable journey
Junk Wise – a recycling guide for children and teachers
Keep Britain Tidy – education resources
Love Your Clothes – national campaign to raise awareness of clothing
Recycle Guide – general educational recycling guides
Recycle More – one stop recycling information
The Pod – Teaching resources for understanding energy, science and sustainability
Global Dimension – primary and secondary teaching resources for a wide range of topics, including waste and sustainability
Alupro – aluminium recycling
British Aerosol Manufacturers Association – aerosol recycling
Every Can Counts – can recycling
LMB – textile recycling
Recolight – lightbulb recycling
Recoup – plastic bottle recycling
Think Cans – can recycling

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