Help to keep everyone safe

We want to make sure that everyone (our crews and residents) stay safe. By following these simple guidelines you can help. Incorrectly disposing of hazardous waste causes fires. This risks the lives of staff as well as disrupting collections.


Batteries in the wrong box or bin or bag can cause a fire.

We are able to collect and recycle your household batteries. But if they are mixed with the wrong waste (whether recycling or in the refuse bin), then this could be dangerous.

It is important that batteries are kept separate, put them in a clear bag and leave this on the top of your recycling. If you are getting rid of an items that uses batteries, such as a child’s toy, please remove the batteries where possible.

When batteries are bundled with other waste they can get compacted causing them to, combust, start a fire at the waste facility or even in the trucks.

Gas canisters

Gas canisters cannot be recycled or disposed of with your kerbside waste.

Do not put them out for collection, this can pose as a fire risk when going through the sorting process. All gas canisters should be taken to your local recycling centre. Small canisters (camp stoves for example) can be disposed of for free.


Barbeques can cause hazards and fires.

Disposable barbeques should be left to cool before they are thrown away. Do not put hot barbeques in the bin. Before disposing and if possible separate the materials. Cold coals and ash should be put in your general waste bin and foil trays with your recycling.

Always follow guidance from Devon and Somerset Fire Service.


Glass needs to put in the green box, so crews can easily see it.

Do not put any glass into the blue bag as the crew will not know its there. This is especially important with broken glass to avoid any injury. Broken glass should be wrapped and put in general waste.

Park respectfully

Please make sure you park with enough space for a truck to get through.

Cars that are not parked properly will slow down collections and may make some impossible to carry out. Remember, if a recycling truck is unable to get through then a fire engine would also fail to get through in an emergency.

Sort your box and avoid contamination

We ask you to pre-sort your waste into different boxes.

This helps to keep contamination to a minimum, ensuring a high quality product for UK markets. However, pre-sorted waste will also mean that crews will not handle any dangerous objects, such as broken glass.

Last reviewed: March 7, 2024 by Daniel

Next review due: September 7, 2024

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