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Chapel Services taking place week beginning 4 December 2023

Monday 4 December

09:30 Lionel Percy Harris (Co-Op FS Taunton)
11:20 Doris Maud Turnock (E White & Son)
12:00 Irene Ellen Reed (E White & Son)
12:40 Ivy Victoria Driscoll (B. Gibbs Funeral Services)
13:20 Leslie Thomas Richards (Taunton Funeral Service)

Tuesday 5 December

10:40 Hilary Susan MacEwen (Robson & Stephens Funeral Services)
11:20 Florence Jane Courtier (Taunton Funeral Service)
12:00 Josie Marye Russell (Robson & Stephens Funeral Services)
12:40 Teresa Ann Worth-Catherall (B. Gibbs Funeral Services)
13:20 Barbara Irene Genge (E White & Son)
14:00 Rosemary Anne Cinicola (Taunton Funeral Service)
15:20 Richard John Harvey (Co-Op FS Taunton)

Wednesday 6 December

09:30 Ian Keith Robin Donaldson (Quantock Funeral Services)
10:40 Linda Mary Pryce (Walter H Squires & Son)
12:00 Sheila Pegram-Mills (A J Wakely & Sons Ilminster)
13:20 Sheila Rose Glover (Nigel K Ford Funeral Directors)
14:00 Helen Valls (Willow Funeral Services)
14:40 Joyce Sherwood (Co-Op FS Taunton)

Thursday 7 December

12:00 Hector Cerdeno (Crescent Funeral Services-Taunton)
14:00 Patricia Frances Brown (Countryside Funerals)
14:40 Michael John Pettet (Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors)

Friday 8 December

10:00 Pheroza Tucker (Co-Op FS Tiverton)
11:20 Gladys Joan Hutchings (B. Gibbs Funeral Services)
12:00 Samuel Harvey Jarvis (Nigel K Ford Funeral Directors)
13:20 Eileen May Kennedy (A J Wakely & Sons Ilminster)
14:00 Janette Widden (E White & Son)
14:40 Sandra Elaine Maxfield (Taunton Funeral Service)

Chapel Services taking place week beginning 8 December 2023

Monday 11 December

10:40 Gena Whiteman (Willow Funeral Services)
11:20 Colin Donald Gray (Taunton Funeral Service)
12:00 Marcus Thomas Corr (B. Gibbs Funeral Services)
12:40 Patricia Ann Radford (Taunton Funeral Service)
13:20 Eileen Audrey Sandbrook (Nigel K Ford Funeral Directors)
14:00 Anthony Wyn Ley (H Tredwin & Son)
14:40 Shaun Dennis Timothy Govier (Crescent Funeral Services-Taunton)

Tuesday 12 December

09:00 Kuldip Khosla (Walter H Squires & Son)
11:20 John Hall (E White & Son)
12:00 Isaac James (Taunton Funeral Service)
12:40 Malcolm Reginald Franks (Bridgwater Funeral Services)
13:20 Margot Komarnicka (Willow Funeral Services)
14:00 Ruth Marian Toop (Crescent Funeral Services-Taunton)
14:40 Colin Reginald Osborne (B. Gibbs Funeral Services)
15:20 Barbara Patricia Sanders (Nigel K Ford Funeral Directors)

Wednesday 13 December

11:20 John Chretian (Bridgwater Funeral Services)
12:00 Colin Frederick Grant (Walter H Squires & Son)
12:40 Arthur John Bush (Crescent Funeral Services-Taunton)
13:20 Pamela Conway (Taunton Funeral Service)
14:00 Guy Thornton Potter (E White & Son)
14:40 Mary Elaine Shere (Co-Op FS Tiverton)
16:00 Jennifer Ann Growden (Hedley Price Funeral Directors)

Thursday 14 December

10:00 Frances Elvira Speer (Walter H Squires & Son)
11:20 Pamela Ann McCaskey (Quantock Funeral Services)
12:40 Anne Elder (H Tredwin & Son)
13:20 Deanna Hyacinth Pugh (Bishops Funeral Services)
14:00 Doreen Sheehan (Crescent Funeral Services-Taunton)
15:20 Geoffery Dyke (Co-Op FS Taunton)

Friday 15 December

10:00 Peter George James Kaye (Bishops Funeral Services)
10:40 Mary Ann Daly (Taunton Funeral Service)
11:20 Reginald Arthur Reynolds (Willow Funeral Services)
12:00 Janice Pauline Galpin (Robson & Stephens Funeral Services)
12:40 Arthur John Jenkins (Hedley Price Funeral Directors)
14:00 John Weeks (Co-Op FS Taunton)

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