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County Wide Economic Strategies

Documents detailing plans and ambitions for Somerset’s growth and economy:

The Somerset Recovery and Growth Plan 

The Somerset Recovery and Growth Plan was developed and agreed by the five Somerset local authorities in January 2021. The Plan is based on detailed economic analysis of the regional and local impacts of the pandemic on jobs and growth.

The Somerset Recovery and Growth Plan sets out priorities for supporting Somerset’s economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 as well as, longer term strategic ambitions for growth.

Somerset Economic Futures 

Somerset Economic Futures has been commissioned by Somerset Council to develop a series of potential future economic scenarios for Somerset over the next 5, 10 and 25 years.

The aim is to develop a range of evidence-based scenarios, exploring the impact of adopting differing economic development priorities and how this might affect Somerset’s short- and longer-term outcomes.

This will identify how Somerset will respond to and make the most of global and national challenges – from climate change and public health crises to a rapidly ageing rural population, to transformational technological progress through to local opportunities through the forming of the new Somerset Unitary Authority, Hinkley Point C and challenges around, for example flooding, coastal erosion, and large rural poorly connected areas.

Local economic strategies

The new Council will be developing its future economic strategy for Somerset. The most recent economic strategies prepared by the councils are:

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