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The Socio-Economic Advisory Group monitors a set of core indicators (relating to accommodation, tourism, the supply chain, health and community safety) which are reported to government, stakeholders and investors.



The Group meets quarterly, with representatives from the previous Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council attending. As well as representatives from North Somerset Council, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, the Primary Care Trust and EDF Energy attending. Please note that the documents on this page may not comply with WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

The papers from previous meetings are shown below:



SEAG – Governance Paper January 2021 (PDF 277.29KB)
SEAG – January 2021 – Agenda (PDF 147.79KB)
SEAG – Q4 2020 Tourism (PDF 139.63KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Accommodation (PDF 335.95KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety (PDF 153.1KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Health (PDF 150.98KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Supply Chain (PDF 218.1KB)
Winter 2020 Workforce Survey Results (PDF 1.16MB)
SEAG January 2021 Minutes (PDF 222.52KB)


SUPPLY CHAIN Dashboard April 2021 (PDF 152.02KB)
SEAG Minutes – April 2021 (PDF 266.41KB)
SEAG Health Report Q1 (PDF 151.59KB)
SEAG Dashboard – CS – Q4 – Jan to March 2021 (PDF 153.72KB)
SEAG Agenda – April 2021 (PDF 134.76KB)
1. HPC Education-Skills-Employment Update – January 2021 (PDF 500.04KB)
02. Education-Skills-Employment Update – February 2021 (PDF 560.14KB)
03. Education-Skills-Employment Update – March 2021 (PDF 488.75KB)
10. Education-Skills-Employment Update – October 2020 (PDF 1.1MB)
11. Education-Skills-Employment Update – November 2020 (PDF 506.12KB)
12. Education-Skills-Employment Update – December 2020 (PDF 500.04KB)


Education Skills Employment Update – June 2021 (PDF 646.09KB)
Environment Monitoring Meeting 8th July 2021 (PDF 734.87KB)
SEAG – Health Report Q2 (PDF 147.35KB)
SEAG – July 2021 Agenda (PDF 133.49KB)
SEAG – Q1 Tourism 2021 (PDF 141.07KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Q1 Apr – June 2021 (PDF 154.94KB)
Supply Chain Dashboard July 2021 (PDF 149.17KB)


SEAG – October 2021 Agenda (PDF 89.66KB)
SEAG – Dashboard Community Safety Q2 – July to Sept (PDF 154.06KB)
SEAG – Environment Monitoring Meeting October 2021 (PDF 637.07KB)
SEAG Minutes October 2021 (PDF 261.93KB)
SEAG – Dashboard Community Safety Q2 – July to Sept (PDF 154.06KB)
SEAG – Tourism Report Q2 (PDF 63.11KB)



SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety Management Plan January 2020 (PDF 989.12KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Supply Chain January 2020 (PDF 214.14KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Accommodation January 2020 (PDF 105.82KB)
HPC Accommodation Strategy – Q1 2020 (PDF 67.14KB)
HPC Workforce Report (November 2019) (PDF 411.88KB)
Pre-Operations Workforce Development Strategy (PDF 237.1KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety – Q3 October to December 2019 (PDF 270.03KB)
HPC Accommodation Strategy – Q1 2020 (PDF 67.14KB)


HPC Community Relations Report 2020 – Q1 (PDF 900.86KB)
S106 Somerset County Council report for HPC Education, Employment and Skills (PDF 1.59MB)
SEAG Agenda – April 2020 (PDF 169.5KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety- Q4 Jan to March 2020 (PDF 266.21KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Supply Chain April 2020 (PDF 214.04KB)


SEAG – Agenda July 2020 (PDF 78.69KB)
SEAG – HPC Stakeholder Relations Report July 2020 (PDF 962.9KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety (PDF 102KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Supply Chain (PDF 216.38KB)
SEAG Dashboard- Community Relations Report 2020 – Q2 (PDF 1.01MB)
SEAG Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership (HTAP) 2020_07 (PDF 27.17KB)


HPC Education Employment and Skills S106 Report October 2020 (PDF 1.61MB)
SEAG – October 2020 – Agenda (PDF 152.3KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Accommodation (PDF 255.64KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety (PDF 148.61KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Community Safety (2) (PDF 140.19KB)
SEAG Dashboard – Supply Chain (PDF 216.46KB)

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