Our mentoring programme

Mentoring enables Somerset’s small and medium businesses (SME’s) to learn from our community of experienced business leaders, who can advise on how to accelerate business development, make better strategic decisions, be more productive and ultimately grow the business.

Each SME leader will be matched with an experienced business professional who will guide you to solutions for problems and issues within the business.

If you have any questions about this programme please email us and we will contact you to discuss.

Become a mentee

As a mentee you will benefit from fresh, experienced insight and a sounding board as you run and grow your business. Your mentor can help you to achieve more with your business by:

  • Evaluating your goals
  • Sharing learning from successful business people
  • Building confidence and teaching skills
  • Helping you overcome challenges
  • Providing up to 6 hours of free mentoring over a 3 month period

Your business must be over 1 year old, with 2 or more employees to be eligible.

This form has 2 pages and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Our mentors have been selected from executive and senior management level business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

They include a former NASDAQ CEO , a soft drinks manufacturer who supplies major retailers in the United Kingdom and abroad, a multi-million pound NHS equipment supplier, and a senior transformation executive who works with British and American businesses.

All our mentors understand the challenges of running and growing a business and the value of an impartial sounding board. They can offer sector experience and support in growth strategy, finance, marketing, HR , e-commerce, bid writing, acquisition, exit strategy, and much more!

Becoming a business mentor

Mentors are experienced business people who contribute their knowledge and expertise to help support the growth and resilience of micro, small or medium businesses across Somerset.

We are looking to fill the roles with active or retired executive and senior management level business leaders, or successful entrepreneurs, who can:

  • understand the challenges associated with running and growing a business
  • give impartial advice
  • offer sector experience or a specialism such as finance, marketing, HR, or e-commerce
  • above all, be willing to volunteer their time for free to make a difference

Being a Somerset Business Mentor is an unpaid position, but brings many benefits:

  • Training – a two-day mentoring workshop with accreditation
  • Career development – adding mentorship to your skillset
  • Networking – be part of the start of a significant new chapter for the Somerset business community and benefit from peer-to-peer support
  • Personal fulfilment – the reward of seeing a mentee’s businesses thrive
  • Reinvigorating relationships

Apply to be a business mentor

The next training session will take place in the Autumn (October or November). Dates are to be confirmed.

This form has 2 pages and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.