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Based at Highbridge Enterprise Centre is a growing web design agency that also provides graphic design, web hosting, consultancy and e-commerce solutions.

The ProjectThe ChallengeThe SolutionThe Results

The Project

Alistair Whiteley Web Design Ltd, based at Highbridge Enterprise Centre is a growing web design agency that also provides graphic design, web hosting, consultancy and e-commerce solutions.

The progressive company is located in Highbridge following a move away from home-working, and in 2018 recruited its first full-time member of staff, along with a growing portfolio of clients both covering the local Somerset area and further afield.

The Challenge

Director Alistair had been operating from home and needed space to expand the business. Looking at the options available, Highbridge offered a cost-effective and affordable opportunity to make the exciting and significant move away from homework, providing the capacity to grow the company.

The Solution

Alistair Whitely Web Design Ltd became a Highbridge tenant in July 2017, and in 2018 recruited its first member of full-time staff. Flexible lease terms are on offer at the modern office space at Highbridge gave Alistair the confidence of knowing that he could adapt depending on the needs and performance of the company, without being tied to a 2 or 3-year term. It also provided the space to take on an additional member of the team. The move to Highbridge has marked a significant progression for the company.

Importantly for Alistair, it enables a clear and physical separation between personal and business life. Alistair says:

Moving away from the isolation of working at home, the centre provides an environment of like-minded businesses.
Other business owners to talk with, empathise with and bounce ideas off. It’s great to be in that position.

Alistair has attended workshops on-site, hosted by Business Support Advisors – another added benefit of being part of the business community at Highbridge.

The business benefits of being a part of the Highbridge Enterprise Centres include the comprehensive facilities on offer to tenants.

Talking about the facilities on site Alistair commented:

The office hours allow me to come in at any particular time, there is a shared meeting room, the car parking is excellent and the internet is fast; essential in my line of work where I need to rely on uploading and downloading frequently. The safety of the office site is also key with expensive equipment to maintain.

  • Cost-effective, flexible business space to support business growth
  • Modern office and facilities with space to expand
  • Part of the local business community
  • Improved work-life balance and business environment
  • Employment of additional staff
  • Vibrant business continuation and business success.

The Results

It’s not just about the company’s performance, expanding the business has meant Alistair has upskilled to manage the employment process. Alistair considers his biggest success story of 2018 the recruitment of an additional member to the team, and the impact this has had.

Alistair added: Recruiting Sam brings passion and energy to the team. It has meant work capacity has now increased, bringing in a steady stream of bigger clients, there is another person to bounce ideas between and liaise with the increasing number of clients. The business is performing well – we are looking at turnover projections of around 40% turnover increase for 2018, with a 30-35% net profit increase.

Proud of the business’s success Alistair is adamant that his loyal client base remains valued and receive a quality product and service which underpins the ethos of the company.

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Last reviewed: December 13, 2023 by Sophie

Next review due: June 13, 2024

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