The Project

Bearings Southwest Ltd is a supplier of maintenance, repair and operation products to the Power Transmission industry, based at Highbridge Enterprise Centre, Somerset. Dan Green started Bearings Southwest Ltd trading in August 2016, and from a standing start has seen the company grow considerably.

The Challenge

When Dan was looking to start the business he was still in employment and had reservations about the risks he was taking by leaving a well-paid job to go out on his own. With the help of a TDA business advisor, Dan discussed the pros and cons and made the decision to set up a limited company. Dan needed to find the right business premises and have a marketing strategy that would help his business thrive and grow.

The Solution

Dan booked a 1:1 with a TDA Business Advisor who enrolled him on the Get Set for Growth scheme, provided him with a cost-effective package for setting up a limited company and found suitable premises at Highbridge Enterprise Centre.

Dan said:

I decided to locate at Highbridge because I felt it was a strong location in terms of transport. The facilities and support at the Enterprise Centre are excellent. The advice and assistance I have received from the centre staff and the Business Advisor have been invaluable in helping me make my business a success.

The Centre has further supported Dan in his efforts to grow the business and in particular has worked to secure him a much-needed larger unit, which he is due to move into this month. Dan continues to work with the TDA Business Advisor on a growth plan, as his business has grown quickly and he would like to support his employees through the range of workshops and develop their digital marketing.

  • Business support
    Cost-effective, professional environment
    Networking opportunities
    Storage Space to expand into
  • Established as a limited company
  • Enrolled on Get Set for Growth initiative
  • Client list constantly growing, 30 at the end of 2016
  • Taking on a Full Time employee

The Results

By the end of December 2016, the company had 30 clients, but that list is expanding all the time. So much so, that storage has become a bit of an issue, and Dan is in the process of moving to larger premises within Highbridge Enterprise Centre.

Dan continued:

Bearings Southwest Ltd has grown rapidly since its inception in August 2016. We now have 30 customers on our books, and more coming through all the time. The move into larger premises will help with stock holdings, enabling us to offer a wider range. I expect growth to continue apace in 2017, and I am looking to take on more staff to supplement the three existing.

I have made some good business connections from being located in the Enterprise Centre, and this has been one of the factors in the rapid growth of the company. The secure premises, fast internet access, business support and location make Highbridge ideal for my business – I’d recommend it to anyone starting up.

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