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Yeovil’s public realm enhancement work aims to positively transform the areas in which residents, businesses and visitors to the town move, meet and congregate, creating a more attractive, navigable space for all.

There are a total of six areas of the town centre which will see changes including Westminster Street, The High Street and Borough, upper Middle Street (including Wine Street), Middle Street (West), The Triangle and the network of streets linked to Wyndham Street.

Work is now complete in Westminster Street, the High Street and Borough area. Work continues at pace across the remaining areas and we expect to complete all of the work by the end of the Summer 2024.

Our Public Realm Design Guide is available online.

Yeovil Town Centre flythrough

This video is a fly through of Yeovil town centre and shows how all of the public realm work will connect and make the area a complete town centre. ​

The Yeovil Refresh programme aims to create a town centre that will be a vibrant place to live, work, shop, learn and visit, with a number of key projects being delivered as part of the work.

As part of that work, we have been looking at how the public spaces (public realm) can be improved to enhance the experience in the town centre for everyone.

Designs have focussed on reducing clutter in the town centre and making the areas more appealing for people to visit. For example, The Triangle will see a complete transformation and could become a central focal area for visitors to congregate and enjoy activities.

Westminster Street

This key gateway into the town centre is heavily used. We want to ensure that when people first step into the town, they see something they like, they find it appealing and want to come back to Yeovil because of the pleasant experience.

Read more about Westminster Street.

The High Street

The High Street is a symbolic and historic area of the town centre of Yeovil and we want to open this space up more and reduce traffic flow so that pedestrians feel safe in this area. Works to this area also include the clock tower.

Read more about Yeovil High Street.

The Borough

This area is highly used area and we see a lot of people congregate here. We want to open this space up more to create a friendlier environment and we can only really do that by relocating the bus stops to a different area of the town centre so people can feel a lot safer.

Read more about the Borough.

Middle Street

Middle Street is a pedestrian heavy route through the town centre and we see hundreds, if not thousands of people use this area of the town centre on a daily basis. Widening the pavements will assist with people feeling much safer in this area.

Read more about Middle Street.

The Triangle

This area of town has the potential to make the greatest impact on the appearance of the town centre and help rejuvenate the lower end of town.

​We are delivering on what people asked for in this area and can’t wait for it to be finished and fully functioning as a new focal point in the town centre.

Read more about the Triangle.

Lower Middle Street

Lower Middle Street has plenty of opportunities for improvement, and with the work that The Martin Group will be doing on Glovers Walk, this could be a great asset and fantastic area for Yeovil.

Read more about Lower Middle Street.

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