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We want to help people reduce their risk of a fall, improve their balance, and provide support to identify reasons for a fall, followed by guidance and assessment.

As you get older, your body becomes more likely to develop health conditions that may result in a fall. With age, your muscles, joints, eyesight and hearing may deteriorate. This can increase the risk of a fall, and you may be taking medicines which can further contribute to those risks.

There are many other things, including footwear, trip hazards such as loose rugs and trailing wires, which may make falls more likely. Our Somerset Fall Stop leaflet has lots of tips on staying safe from falls and local contact numbers for organisations that can help you.

Falls risk assessment tool

If you fall and break a bone, you may find it difficult living in your own home. So, if you have concerns about your balance or have had a fall, speak with your doctor. Answering the questions in our Falls Risk Assessment Tool will help you understand what the right help might be for you to stay independent.

Other help

You can also contact Somerset Partnership’s Integrated Rehabilitation Service for advice and possible assessment. Somerset Partnership run Balance and Safety classes at local Community Hospitals which you may be able to attend.

Staying active is very important as we get older. You can find information about activities and classes in your area by visiting the Healthy Somerset website, or phoning Age UK Somerset on 01823 345626.

If you are concerned about your balance or are becoming less mobile there are Stay Strong Stay Steady community classes available across the county. Or, Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership run a range of classes and activities to suit all abilities.

You can also find useful information about preventing falls on NHS Choices or information about keeping your bones healthy and strong from the Osteoporosis Society.

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