The Local Assistance Scheme does not provide cash or loans, but it can help you to get basic essentials. For example:

  • food for yourself and other members of your household
  • essential items of furniture and bedding
  • basic equipment for cooking and heating
  • fuel to cook with or to heat essential rooms

How to use it

The scheme can be accessed through local branches of Somerset Citizens Advice on behalf of Somerset Council. If you think the scheme might be able to help you, you should contact your local Citizens Advice.

You will be asked to describe the things you need help with, why you need help, and to provide some evidence that you live in Somerset.

When you visit the advice bureau you must bring proof of your identity, proof of your address, and proof of your income (benefits and other) before an award can be granted. You must also meet the following conditions:

  • you are on a low income – normally means-tested benefits
  • you do not have enough money to buy what you need
  • you have tried other sources of help first and these have not been able to help you – for example, a short-term benefits advance, a budgeting loan, family or friends
  • you apply to the advice bureau in the district of Somerset you live in

Mobile Boost Scheme

If you are a business or household struggling with poor indoor mobile coverage then Connecting Devon and Somerset may be able to help. The Mobile Boost Scheme offers vouchers towards technology to upgrade indoor 4G coverage in hot-spot areas.

Businesses and households can apply for a voucher of up to £1200 towards the cost of one of a number of mobile signal booster options from a registered supplier. The value of the voucher will be dependent on the type of technology most suitable for the premises. Suppliers will be able to advise on the best option. You will need to make a contribution to cover the cost of installation.

You can find out more and apply at Connecting Devon and Somerset – Mobile Boost Scheme

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