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Care and support to help you live at home

We want to support people to live their lives as independently as possible. We can provide advice and information and tell you how to find facilities and community services that can support you.

You can find information to help you remain living safely and independently at home on our Connect Somerset website and on our Equipment to help you page.

If you would like to find out more about what help is available, you may find it useful to visit a Talking café near you.

Support for carers

If you have someone who cares for you, for example a family member or neighbour, they are also entitled to an assessment and may qualify for support. You will be asked about this when we talk with you.

Home care

Home care is when you ask a care worker to visit you in your own home or ask us to arrange someone for you. They will help you with your personal care and some practical household tasks so that you stay as independent as possible. This is often for a short time until you can manage for yourself again, or it can be for longer if you need it.

You can get help with things like:

  • getting washed and using the toilet
  • getting out of bed and dressing
  • undressing and going to bed

You can arrange and pay for home care yourself. If you buy help privately you can choose the type of help you receive and the amount that you want. If you would like more information about care providers in your area there is lots of information available on the Connect Somerset website and in the Somerset Care Services Directory.

You can also find out about organisations that provide home care on the Care Quality Commission website.

If you are eligible, following a care and support assessment and a financial assessment, you can have a personal budget and we can help you arrange the services you need. Or, you can have a Direct Payment so that you can make your own arrangements.

Home care providers

Home care is provided by private organisations registered with the Care Quality Commission.

The registered care staff are experienced and trained to care for people in their own homes. Care workers will help you do the things that you used to do for yourself, and where appropriate, help you to do them for yourself again so that you can be as independent as possible.

Senior care staff will first talk with you about what you need and initially provide your care and support, adjusting it to make sure it is right for you.

When they are sure that you are getting the right amount of help, they will arrange for you to receive your care from a regular group of care workers who will get to know you and provide most of your care and support.

If you have a personal budget, we will regularly talk with you to see how you are managing. The care and support you have will change as your needs change and will end when you no longer need help.

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