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If your child's bus pass has been lost or stolen or is in a poor condition you can request a replacement

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If your child is in year 11 or below, travels on school transport, and their bus pass has been lost or stolen – or is in a poor condition because of everyday wear and tear – you will need a replacement issued. Your child will not be allowed to travel without a valid bus pass.

We no longer provide the first replacement free if your bus pass has been lost or stolen – there is a £10 charge.

You can request and pay for a replacement pass using the button below.

Request a replacement school bus pass

This form has 4 pages and will take approximately 3 to 4 minutes to complete.

Once we have received your payment we will send your child’s replacement bus pass to their school for them to collect from the school office.

If you cannot pay online, please email and we will tell you about other ways to pay.

Replacement bus pass due to poor condition

If your child needs a replacement bus pass because their existing pass is in poor condition from everyday wear and tear, your child must show the bus pass to the school office staff to confirm that it needs to be replaced.

The school office staff will then tell us the details and we will replace the bus pass free of charge.

If your child cannot produce the existing bus pass for inspection, you will have to pay a £10 fee for a replacement pass.

While waiting for a replacement, your child can get a temporary pass from the school office.

Your child will be able to collect their replacement bus pass from the school office when it is issued.

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