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A School Travel Plan is a document outlining practical steps for improving journeys to and from school

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A School Travel Plan is a written document which outlines a series of practical steps for improving children’s journeys to and from school. The travel plan is a living document that must be updated every year and is written in consultation with

  • parents
  • governors
  • staff
  • pupils
  • anyone else involved with the school

The plan will result in benefits for pupils, parents and the wider community. It identifies how pupils would like to travel to school, and the barriers that may prevent them from choosing that mode of travel. It will also assist by reducing the number of cars on the road at peak times, and will benefit the safety of the environment around the school.

If the school is planning any building work on site, the planning authority will expect them to have a completed Travel Plan.

School Travel Plans through development control

Planning authorities will want to see that a school has a completed School Travel Plan if they wish to complete any building works on the school site, so having one already can streamline the process, and save time and money.

You can find out more in the School Travel Plans through Development Control document.

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School Travel Plans through Development Control PDF

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If you need help and advice, please email

Resources for schools

Somerset Council and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) have teamed up with Modeshift STARS to give all schools the opportunity to be recognised for supporting Sustainable and Active Travel by developing a School Travel Plan through the Modeshift STARS Education Accreditation Programme.

Please visit the ModeshiftSTARS page for more information.

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