Student discounts are often for students studying at college or university. You have a card that you show to get money off on things you buy. For example, going out for food, buying clothes and subscriptions on apps. There is no minimum or maximum age for it, as long as you are in full or part time education.

Some shops accept your school or college ID badge to prove you are a student. Other shops only accept a specific student card, the National Union of Students recommends TOTUM.  Some student badges cost a fee each year. You need to consider if you will save enough money in discounts on things you buy to make the initial cost worth it.

Colleges and universities can help you apply for your student discount card. They will also have information on how to apply, who to speak to or there will be a form to fill out on the website.

For online buying, you may need to sign up to a student discount service that verifies your student status, like UNiDAYS or Student Beans. You should be given a unique discount code to enter at the checkout.

Last reviewed: December 15, 2023 by Jenny

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