Anyone can become a carer. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your gender or background. The care you provide could be short or long-term. You may or may not live with the person you are a carer for.

If you’re a carer, a carer’s assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. You can talk about anything during your carer’s assessment.

You might find it helpful to think about:

  • What caring tasks you do and how you feel about doing them.
  • Your relationship with the person you care for.
  • If you get enough time for yourself – for example time to get out and about, meet other people and take part in leisure activities.
  • How caring is affecting your mental and physical health.
  • How caring is affecting your relationships with others.
  • How caring is affecting your education and work life.
  • Whether the person you’re caring for is getting enough help.
  • How willing or able you are to carry on caring.
  • What would help make things easier for you.

Somerset Carers Service

Caring for another person is very rewarding but can be overwhelming and lonely at times. The Somerset Carers Service can link you to groups and events in your area and find facts and information that will help the person you are caring for with their particular needs. You will find specific support for your unique situation. And their Carers Agents are on hand to help and guide you.

Asking for a carer assessment

You can also ask for a carer’s assessment by phoning 0300 123 2224.

You can choose to have an assessment in your own right, or jointly with the person you care for. The assessment is carried out by a social care worker from the County Council. This allows you to talk about your needs and the things you think could make caring easier for you.

After your carers assessment, your social care worker may be able to give you advice and information. If you are eligible the Council may be able to help you pay for some of the things you need.

Carers of people with mental health problems

Carers of people with mental health problems who receive services from Somerset NHS Foundation Trust can request a specialist carers’ assessment from them.

You can find details at or phone 01749 836606 or 01749 836633

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