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Charter Trustees for Taunton

The Charter Trustees for Taunton are the 16 Somerset West and Taunton councillors elected to represent wards in the unparished area of Taunton which has no town or parish council of its own.

The Trustees elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Taunton each year. The Mayor and Deputy uphold the traditional roles previously carried out by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Taunton Deane within the boundary of the unparished area. They are separate to the Mayors for Dulverton, Minehead, Watchet and Wellington.

The Charter Trustees and the mayoralty are funded through a local tax, or precept, charged to Council Tax payers in the unparished area of Somerset West and Taunton. The precept is collected by Somerset Council through Council Tax bills.

Charter Trustees only have the power to raise a precept to cover the costs of their administration and the associated costs for the upkeep of the Civic Insignia or ‘Silver’ and the Mayoralty of Taunton. They cannot legally precept for taking on responsibilities and costs that Parish and Town Councils can such as grass cutting and public conveniences.

The Charter Trustees set their first precept for 2020/21 at £51,140 or £3.34 on a Band D property at their meeting on 23 January 2020. The minutes and papers for their meetings are accessible on our  website.

Public notices

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The internal audit for 2022/23 has been carried out in accordance with this authority’s needs and planned coverage.

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Our responsibility for ensuring there is a sound system of internal control, including arrangements for the preparation of the Accounting Statements.

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For the Charter Trustees of Taunton

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Notice of Public Rights and Publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return

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