Basic annual allowance

All 110 Councillors will get a basic annual allowance of £15,500 in 2023 to 2024.

Some Councillors will get an extra special responsibility allowance to reflect their extra duties:

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Council Leader£38,750
Deputy Leader£23,250
Lead Member x 8£20,150
Opposition Leader (Conservative)£15,500
Chair of Council15,500
Chair of Strategic Planning Committee£7,750
Chair of Planning Sub-Committee North£7,750
Chair of Planning Sub-Committee East £7,750
Chair of Planning Sub-Committee South £7,750
Chair of Planning Sub-Committee West£7,750
Chair of Licensing and Regulatory Committee£7,750
Chair Constitution and Governance Committee £7,750
Chair of Audit Committee£7,750
Chair of Scrutiny Adults and Health Committee£7,750
Chair of Scrutiny Children and Families Committee£7,750
Chair of Scrutiny Communities Committee£7,750
Chair of Scrutiny Climate and Place Committee£7,750
Chair of Scrutiny Corporate and Resources Committee£7,750
Chair of Pensions Committee£3,875
Chair of Standards Committee£3,875
Chair of Pension Fund£3,875
Vice-Chair of Council£3,875
Associate Lead Members x 10£3,875
Vice-Chair of Constitution and Governance Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair Strategic Planning Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair Licensing and Regulatory Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair Audit Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair of Scrutiny for, Adults and Health Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair of Scrutiny for Children and Families Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair of Scrutiny for Communities Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair of Scrutiny for Climate and Place Committee £3,875
Vice-Chair of Scrutiny for Corporate and Resources Committee£3,875
Vice-Chair of Planning Sub-Committee North£3,875
Vice-Chair of Planning Sub-Committee East£3,875
Vice-Chair of Planning Sub-Committee South£3,875
Vice-Chair of Planning Sub-Committee West £3,875
Opposition Group Spokespersons Deputy Leader (Conservative)£3,875
Group Leader Labour£3,875
Group Leader Independent£3,875
Group Leader Green£3,875

Travel allowances

  • car – 45p per mile
  • car share – 45p per mile plus 5p per mile when one or more councillors are
  • passengers
  • motorbike – 24p per mile
  • bicycle – 20p per mile

Subsistence allowances

  • breakfast – £9.01
  • lunch – £12.40
  • tea – £4.82
  • evening meal – £15.36
  • overnight absence (bed and breakfast) maximum outside London – £144.45
  • maximum London – £162.91

Last reviewed: August 21, 2023 by Ian

Next review due: February 21, 2024

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