An election was held to fill a casual vacancy in the office of Councillor for the Somerton Division of Somerset Council on Thursday 28 March 2024.

You can find the result of the poll and information about the lead up to this election below.

Result of the Somerton by-election

Name of candidateParty

Number of votes

Name of candidateGregory ChambersPartyLabour

Number of votes


Name of candidateMatthew GeenPartyGreen

Number of votes


Name of candidateDavid HallPartyConservative

Number of votes


Name of candidateStephen PagePartyLiberal Democrats

Number of votes



Stephen Page has been elected as Councillor for the Somerton Division

Further details

Turnout: 27.98%
The number of spoiled ballots: 12

Last reviewed: March 29, 2024 by James

Next review due: September 29, 2024

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