Local Area Energy Plan

The Council is in the process of developing a Local Area Energy Plan. This will help identify areas across Somerset that are suitable for renewable energy generation such as solar and wind and will include an assessment of all council assets and recommended projects to take forward and collaborate on.

The project is aiming to be completed by the end of 2023 so keep checking here for further updates.

Solar Panels

There are several installers across Somerset that can install panels. Check out our Green Directory to find one near you.

MCS or Microgeneration Certification Scheme is an industry-standard for products and installations across a number of green technologies from heat pumps, wind, biomass, solar etc. They have a long list of accredited businesses. Check out the Microgeneration Certification Scheme website for more information.

Distribution network operators

Distribution network operators (DNOs) are the companies that own and are responsible for the power lines and infrastructure that connects the electricity network to your property. They are also responsible for any grid upgrades and maintenance.

In Somerset, we have two DNOs national grid that covers the majority of the county and Scottish and Southern Energy cover some of the eastern parts of Somerset. To find out who your network operator is visit the Energy Networks website.

Community Energy

Community Energy is the delivery of community-led renewable energy, energy demand deduction and energy supply projects either wholly owned and/or controlled by communities. To find out more about community energy visit the Community Energy England website

In Somerset, we are lucky to have some fantastic community energy organisations with a range of installations providing locally produced renewable energy to institutions across Somerset.

To see who’s in your local area by looking at this map

The council is developing our Local Area Energy Plan in consultation with the community energy

Climate friendly planning

For information on climate-friendly planning and renewable energy head over to our Built Environment page.

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