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Somerset Council is required by the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 to publish information regarding our counter-fraud activities on an annual basis.

Fraud Transparency for the financial year 2023/24

The number of occasions we use powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to Require Information) (England) Regulations 2014, or similar powers

Two subletting cases, both legacy Sedgemoor District Council matters:

  • one was not proven
  • one was proven and the Council has ended the tenancy
The total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud

Somerset Council has no full-time employees undertaking investigation and prosecutions of fraud. The services of SWAP Internal Audit are retained and they work across a number of authorities.

The total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of professionally accredited counter fraud specialists

Two SWAP Internal Audit employees are ACFE (certified fraud examiners) and one is PINS (professional in security training) qualified.

The total amount spent by the authority on the investigation and prosecution of fraud

The time is included in the overall specification for audit and fraud services provided by SWAP Internal Audit.

The total number of fraud cases investigated
  • 9 revenue and benefits referrals – one is currently the subject of an investigation, the rest were closed with no further action.
  • 1 debtor invoice fraud – currently the subject of an investigation.
  • 1 school change of staff bank details for payroll – currently the subject of an investigation.
  • 2 subletting cases as above – one was not proven and one tenancy ended.
  • 1 housing void – currently the subject of an investigation.
  • 1 purchase card fraud – the losses were recovered from the bank.

For further information regarding the Council’s approach to countering fraud, please see our Fraud page.

Last reviewed: April 8, 2024 by Daniel

Next review due: October 8, 2024

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