Introduction to our Digital Strategy

This Strategy sets out what we want to achieve for digital. We also have a set of Digital Principles to shape and assess our work so that we provide the best outcomes for our customers and staff. This is part of a constant drive to put Somerset at the front of innovation.

The Digital Strategy, supported by the Data Strategy and Technology Strategy below, is at the heart of everything digital the organisation aims to do.

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Somerset Council Digital Strategy 2023

PDF, 208KB

Our Data Strategy

This strategy sets out practical steps as we set up the new council, and our ambitions towards a bold vision for data.

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Somerset Council Data Strategy 2023

PDF, 332KB

Our Technology Strategy

This Strategy is a partner document to the Digital and Data Strategies above. It sets out how information technology, as part of a digital business model, will help the new Somerset Council to achieve its strategic objectives.

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Somerset Council Technology Strategy 2023

PDF, 711KB

Last reviewed: November 9, 2023 by Sophie

Next review due: May 9, 2024

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