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Crimes against disabled people because they are disabled




If you think you have been a victim of a hate crime, we recommend contacting the Police at Report hate crime

In support of the Safer Somerset Partnership, we carried out a hate crime needs assessment in 2019. We identified that reporting of disability hate crime was lower than would be expected given the number of disabled people in Somerset.

Hate crimes take many forms and include verbal abuse and insults, bullying – both online and in person – anti-social behaviours, financial exploitation.

However, Disability Hate Crimes are crimes against disabled people because they are disabled.

Mate crimes are different from other hate offences as they may be carried out by friends, family members or carers. This means that disability hate crimes are less likely to be reported.

We have worked together with OpenStoryTellers to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime by producing a set of information videos and discussion cards on what a Disability Hate Crime is, how to report it and where to get support.


What is Disability Hate Crime? | short version | with BSL

What is Disability Mate Crime? | short version | with BSL

Hate Crime | Where do I get support? | short version | with BSL

Reporting a Disability Hate Crime | short version | with BSL

What is Disability Hate Crime? | full version | with BSL

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