If you or someone close to you is concerned about a drug or alcohol habit that might become a problem, there is a range of information and advice available. If you need individual support, your information will be kept confidential.

For information about alcohol, visit NHS One you – Drink less and Drinkaware.

For information about drugs, visit Talk To Frank.

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Strategy

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2022-2025

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS)

The Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service has been set up to support anyone with issues involving drugs or alcohol, whatever the age of the person involved. The service can offer early intervention to help people before the problems get worse.

There are treatment options to help people stop using drugs and drinking alcohol. Housing related support is also available.

To access some of these interventions, contact the Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS) by:

Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) – part of Family Solutions Somerset

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court is an alternative problem-solving court for care for families where drug and alcohol are a significant factor. It is focused on motivating parents to make changes in their lives to stop substance misuse.

The specialist independent family court team is made up of social workers, substance misuse and mental health workers and a psychologist. The Family Drug and Alcohol Court provides a dynamic risk assessment and co-ordinates an intervention plan for parents during care proceedings.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court helps by:

  • Building on parents’ potential and motivation to change
  • Providing quick access to support and regular drug testing which allows parents to address their substance misuse and other issues
  • Increasing the number of children staying with, or returning to, their birth parents at the end of care proceedings
  • Providing a choice for parents to support engagement and relationships
  • Allowing parents to have regular discussions with the Judge as part of reviewing their process
  • Having a close working relationship with all professionals already involved with families

An evaluation of other National Family Drug and Alcohol Courts has shown that more parents overcome their substance misuse when compared to those not using this service.

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