‘One Teams’ have been working in Somerset since the Halcon One Team was first established in 2013. They are intended to bring a multi-agency focus on our areas of highest demand to the public sector. In the past there have been variations in the name, including ‘Shape Mendip’ and ‘Together Teams’ in Sedgemoor, however they have all shared the same vision.

Since April 2023 all teams have adopted the ‘One Team’ name.

About the teams

Teams are structured on an award-winning model that provides an effective way for agencies working closely together to support vulnerable communities. They have been established in the areas of Somerset that have significant deprivation issues, as identified in the National Indices of Multiple Deprivation.

Teams meet regularly to consider local concerns and co-ordinate partnership working to provide sustainable solutions for individuals, families and communities, which prevent problems escalating and costs to the public sector increasing.

Teams have a co-ordinator and are made up of local practitioners from a range of services including local authorities, social housing landlords, Neighbourhood Policing Team, schools and local mental health services, and have links with services such as the Safeguarding and Co-ordination Unit, Adults and Children’s Social Care and SDAS.

The One Team toolkit

A One Team Toolkit has been developed in collaboration with the existing One Teams which includes templates and guidance for standard policy and procedures. The toolkit also covers; One Team – Vision, Principles and Method, Local Context – Deprivation and Demand, Governance, Threshold guidance and Risk Assessment, and a suggested Self-evaluation document

Area contact information


Name – Rich Shadrick
Email –
Phone – 07899 857 284

North Taunton

Name – Angela Bolitho
Email –
Phone – 07824 373 977


Name – Pete Joint
Email –
Phone – 07824 373 978

West Somerset

Name – Pete Joint
Email –
Phone – 07824 373 978

South Bridgwater

Name – Victoria Whittlesea
Email –

Burnham and Highbridge

Name – Victoria Nixon
Email –

East Bridgwater 

Name – Emmaline Kay
Email –


Name – Kieran Taaffe
Email –


Name – Cathie Morrison
Email –


Name – Jessica Dagnall
Email –

General enquiries

Name – Andy Lloyd
Email –


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