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Local residents could get financial assistance with purchasing their first home

First time buyersApplying for a loan

First time buyers

Local residents who have lived in the Hinkley Housing Zone for at least three years and are buying their first home, can apply for a subsidised loan. This loan can assist with costs associated with the purchase, for example, moving and legal fees.

This loan scheme has been made available through Hinkley Housing Funding, to help people move from social housing or private rented properties.

Applying for a loan

To apply for the loan, you must meet the following criteria:

Step 1 - You have savings towards a deposit.

Step 2 - You have confirmation from your bank or building society stating how much you can borrow towards purchasing your home.

Step 3 -  Please complete a First Time Buyer Loan Enquiry Form and email it to . A Wessex Resolutions Officer will be in touch.

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