I need help with my garden or boundary

What is the boundary of my property

For more information about property boundaries, visit the government land and property website.

I would like a garden waste bin

You can subscribe to our garden waste service on our garden waste page.

How to find out if a tree has a preservation order (TPO)

If you are planning works to a tree, visit our tree preservation order page before you begin.

I want to create a drive and drop my kerb

You can find information on whether you can do this by visiting our dropped kerbs and driveways page.

I need to report a pothole

We repair potholes and road defects. You can report potholes on our potholes and road damage page.

I need guidance on high hedges and the height of fences

To report an issue with a high hedge, visit our high hedge disputes page.

For information on the height of fences, visit the Planning Portal.

I have an issue with bonfires

If you wish to report a repeated bonfire or smoke nuisance, visit our anti-social behaviour – report it here page.

I need to report anti-social behaviour

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour, visit our anti-social behaviour – report it here page.

I would like to know more about compost bins

For information on composting and how to purchase a compost bin, please see our composting tips and bargain compost bins page.

I have a pest problem in my garden

For advice on dealing with pests such as insects or small mammals,, please see our pest control page.

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