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If you are thinking about registering for the Homes for Ukraine scheme  then we want to offer our support.

Homes for Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine

If you are thinking about registering for the Homes for Ukraine scheme  then we want to offer our support.
We would encourage you to carefully consider the commitment (which is for a minimum of six months) and to consider whether your home has sufficient space and to ensure you have a spare bedroom where you could comfortably host someone. Please also consider if your home is located in an area that will allow someone to access (directly or through readily available public transport) health care, education (if they have children) and work (as Ukrainian migrants will be eligible to apply for work).

The government has confirmed that they will make a one-off ‘thank you’ payment of £350 per household per month. They have confirmed that this will not be treated as income for the purpose of benefit entitlements and therefore this will not affect your eligibility for benefits or council tax discount. You will be unable to charge rent and although many hosts will provide food, this is not a requirement; Ukrainian refugees will be eligible for benefits.

Council tenants or shared owners should let the Council know if they intend to host someone though the scheme by using the contact the Homes for Ukraine business team, so we can provide the appropriate consent (this will not be classed as subletting as described in your Tenancy Agreement), and ensure the accommodation is appropriate, and connect people up to the right support. Tenants are also advised that they contact their home contents insurance company to notify them of any changes as some insurance policies may require this.

Private Landlords
While we are grateful for all offers of help, we are unable to place refugees in temporary accommodation or spare rooms. If you are a private landlord with self-contained accommodation, we would like to hear from you. We are particularly looking for housing that is close to town centres. Please contact

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