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If you are acting as a sponsor for someone who is making an immigration application to come to the UK, you will have to provide proof that the accommodation is of a suitable standard.

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If you are acting as a sponsor for someone who is making an immigration application to come to the UK, you will be aware that the immigration authority ask for proof that the accommodation planned to be moved into is of a suitable standard and that it will not be made overcrowded by their arrival.

The immigration authority ask that this work is carried out by a suitably qualified officer. We are able to carry out these checks for you if you live in Somerset.

The fee to carry out the inspection and provide a follow-up letter is currently £237. The fee is inclusive of VAT and is non-refundable.

If you require this service, please complete the Immigration application form and return it to us along with the fee and a copy of the letter from the High Commission/Embassy where an application for immigration has been made. Information on how and where you can return it and how you can pay the fee is all on the application form.

It is important that you accurately fill out the application form otherwise there is a possibility that the immigration authority will not accept the letter we will produce to include with your application.

If you are in a rented home, you will need to provide the annual landlord gas safety certificate and most recent Electrical Installation Condition Report with your application too.

Once we receive your application form, copy of the letter from the High Commission/Embassy and, for those in a rented home, a gas safety certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report, then we will arrange an inspection with you. We will need to look around the whole property during the inspection. If we are not able to access the whole property then we will not be able to produce the letter to include with the immigration application.
At the inspection we will also require the following:

  • if you own the property, we will need to see the title deeds, mortgage statement or correspondence from your mortgage provider when we visit
  • if you rent the property, then we will need to see a current tenancy agreement and a utility bill in your name for the property in question when we visit

Following the inspection, we will write to you with a letter to confirm the visit. The letter will explain the outcome of the visit, and whether the property is likely to be overcrowded or have any significant health and safety hazards.  This letter is for you to submit with your immigration application. We do not make a judgement on whether your application will be successful or not.

If the house is unsuitable or has any health and safety concerns, we will send you a letter that explains the issues and how to resolve them. If you rent then we may also contact your landlord to require action.

Last reviewed: May 15, 2023 by Daniel

Next review due: November 15, 2023

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