The next County Council elections are due in May 2021

County Council elections are held every 4 years using the first past the post system.

Find the results from 4 May 2017 on our elections results page.

Elections to councils are usually held on the first Thursday in May in any given year. However, parliament can decide to move the day of local government elections in England.

The organisation of elections is undertaken on the County Council’s behalf by the four district councils in Somerset. If you need more information about the process and timetable for the elections, you should contact the relevant district council for the area you live in.

A detailed timetable (known as the Notice of Election) gives the process for submitting nominations and guidance for candidates will be published around two months before the election by the relevant district council. The Notice of Election gives the relevant dates and deadlines and explains what needs to be done and who to contact. The initial point of contact at district councils is the Democratic Services or Electoral Services Team, acting as the Deputy Returning Officer.