UK Parliamentary General Election

The next County Council elections are due in May 2021

Following the vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday 29 October to hold a General Election, the date has been set for Thursday 12 December.

Poll cards, which show your polling station, should be delivered from the week of 18 November 2019 by district councils across Somerset.

Please be aware that due to the short notice nature of this election, and the proximity to Christmas, some of the normal venues used for polling may not be available, and alternatives will need to be found. Please check your poll card carefully, as the polling station may have changed.

You are eligible to vote if you are British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen and registered to vote. The deadline to register is Tuesday 26 November, and you can do so, if you are not already registered, by visiting

If you would like to apply for a postal vote, you can download an application form from

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

Please note, postal votes are sent out very close to the election, and therefore if you are going to be away, or want your postal vote to be sent abroad, you may wish to consider applying for a proxy vote instead. This is when someone you trust attends your polling station and votes on your behalf. You can find more information here

For further details about the election then please contact your local district council as they will be administering the elections in your area.