About the information

We are required by the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 to publish details of every transaction we make on our Government Procurement Cards

The cards are used by councils to quickly and easily pay for low priced items. The use of these cards is encouraged by the Government (because of the proven savings in time, money and paperwork) and where this is in line with Somerset County Council policy.

You can download procurement card transaction information using the links below.

The Council’s financial systems are not set up to provide reporting on non recoverable VAT at a transactional level. If you have any questions about this please contact Paul Griffin, Senior Accountant – Corporate Finance – PXGriffin@somerset.gov.uk

We provide files in Microsoft Excel (.xls) and CSV format. CSV is a simple text format for a database table. It is useful in publishing data, as it is machine readable, and allows for easier reuse and analysis.