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You can borrow books free of charge from Somerset Libraries, as well as accessing many other free services. Charges apply to some additional services such as photocopying, faxes and DVD hire. We apply overdue fees to late returns.

Our standard charges

Audiobook and DVD hire fees

Audio books including language sets £2.40
Audio books for children on a child’s card Free of charge for 3 weeks
DVDs £2
DVD boxed sets £2

Photocopying and printing
10% discount on printing and photocopying when spending £5.00 or more on these services

A4 black and white – single sided15p per side
A4 black and white – double sided30p per sheet
A3 black and white – single sided 30p per side
A3 black and white – double sided60p per sheet
A4 colour – single sided 40p per side
A4 colour – double sided 80p per sheet
A3 colour – single sided 60p per side
A3 colour – double sided £1.20 per sheet
10% discount if over £5 spent

Overdue charges

We charge overdue fees for books, audio books and DVDs.

Overdue charges will begin on the day after the due date and will continue until the item is returned. If you notice that your loans are overdue, but cannot immediately return them to the library, arrange for the items to be renewed. Renewal is usually possible if the items have not been requested by other borrowers. If your loans are overdue when you renew them, the overdue charges do not increase – providing you return the items before the new due date. You can renew your items on the LibrariesWest website or phone 0300 123 2224

Provide us with an email address so we can send you a reminder two days before your items are due to be returned. We hope that these emails are helpful, but please do not rely on them as your only reminder. We will not waive overdue charges because the email has not been delivered or if you have not received it.

Only applies to adult items and items taken on an adult’s card

Adult items 25p per item per day to a maximum of £9.75
DVDs 40p per item per day to a maximum of £8.40

Reservation charges

We charge an administration fee for adult reservations and for requests for stock sourced outside the LibrariesWest catalogue. There is a fixed rate for adult book clubs ordering a set of the same title. Children’s items are free to reserve.

Adult books£1.20 per item
Children items (on child’s card) Free
DVDs – all ages £1.00 per item
Inter-library loan fee – books and periodical articles£4.80 per item
Reading group requests £6.60 per set

Damaged or lost items

Please tell us when you return a damaged item. We will assess the damage and make a charge for replacing the item or repairing it, if that is possible.

If you lose an item please tell us as soon as you can. You will be charged for replacing it, or you can supply a new copy yourself. We will give you a receipt for the payment of a lost item. If the lost item is later found, you can return it with the receipt. We will refund you, less a £2.10 administration charge.

Adult books, adult graphic novels, large Print (all), books on prescription £9.00
Children’s books and young adult books£5.00
Adult reference book £30.00
Children’s reference book £15.00
Adult talking books £30.00
Children’s talking books£15.00
Language course £36.00
DVD £12.00
DVD boxed set £24.00
Music score £15.00
Drama, single copy £5.00
Membership cards£2.40

Replacement membership cards

Joining the library is free of charge, including your membership card. Children will be issued new cards as they move to the next age group. If you need to update your membership following a name change, you’ll receive a new card free of charge.

If you lose your card at any point, we charge £2.40 for a replacement for adult members – there is no charge for children (0 to 17 years).

Talks to community groups

Our staff offer talks to community groups on various topics. We can host these talks at your local library or visit you at your normal meeting place. Speak to staff at your local library or email us to check availability.

Daytime£15 donation
Evening £40 donation

Performing Arts Library charges

We offer a discount to Somerset-based groups or groups whose organiser is based in Somerset.

Our policy for lost or damaged items applies to all groups. Replacement copies of lost or damaged items must be purchased by the hirer. These need to be identical to the edition borrowed, and in good condition.

Fees set by other LibrariesWest members

Hire charges will be applied according to the library the items are loaned from. For example, a DVD borrowed in Bristol by a library member who registered in Somerset will be charged at the Bristol rate.

Overdue charges will be applied according to the library where the item was issued. For example, an item borrowed from Somerset and returned late to a library in Bath and North East Somerset will be charged at the Somerset rate.

Reservation charges will relate to the library chosen as the pickup location.

If a member of staff places the reservation on your behalf, you will be charged according to the library you are in at the time.

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