Conflict is a normal part of all relationships, but that conflict can become unhealthy when tensions rise and it feels like there is an imbalance of power between those who are arguing. Research shows that 13% of children in Somerset are likely to live in families where parents struggle with ‘unhealthy conflict’.

Unhealthy conflict can occur when parents live together or apart, and can have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of both children and their parents.

In Somerset, every parent can discover how to lessen the stress and communicate better in every aspect of their lives with a new series of free online sessions, here:

The online sessions cover:

  1. Me, You and Baby Too – for new parents who may be struggling with tiredness and stress which can easily lead to misunderstandings.
  2. Arguing Better – learn how to argue in a constructive way and improve communication in relationships.
  3. Getting it Right for Children – learn to parent children cooperatively during or after a separation.

After finishing the ‘Arguing Better’ course, one Somerset parent said:

Taking a step back and realising that both me and my partner could be stressed; to take a moment and really understand and feel that my partner has emotions too, and that we both need to address our problems in a more “adult” manner. Rather than arguing we could discuss our problems and address them together.

After finishing ‘Getting it Right for Children’, another parent commented:

I am taking time to think about my responses, trying to see things from his point of view and definitely putting my child in the centre of it all.

Councillor Tessa Munt, Executive Lead Member for Children, Families & Education at Somerset Council said:

Every relationship is tested by arguments, because we’re all different! However, at the most challenging times in our lives arguments can become incredibly heated, and that doesn’t help anyone solve problems. These sessions help parents create an environment that their children can thrive in – whatever the challenges facing each family.

Anything we can do to help families resolve conflicts in a way that helps children and young people feel safe, happy, and healthy, has to be a good thing.

A name and email address are required to sign up to a session. This information will not be stored by the Council and entries will remain anonymous.

To find out more about these sessions, email:

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October 30, 2023

Cara Cheshire

Children and Families