Unfortunately, there will be delays to some collections this week.

Crews are collecting on your ‘normal’ collection days on the week beginning 1st May.

This is to accommodate the extra day off for the King’s coronation and the resulting back-to-back bank holiday weekends in a way that is fair to collection crews, and avoids the prospect of Saturday collections clashing with the Coronation and street parties on 6 May.

So if your waste is usually collected on a Wednesday, it will be collected on Wednesday this week. If it’s usually collected on a Thursday, it will be picked up on Thursday this week etc.

Most people have presented their waste on the right day so far, but the message has not reached everyone. A minority of people have missed this week’s collections as a result. We apologise for this and will continue communicating throughout the week.

We cannot return for these collections without derailing future scheduled collections and worsening the situation. We apologise to anyone affected and advise people to return their waste from the kerbside and present on their next scheduled collection day.

  • Where a refuse collection has been affected, crews will accept up to four black bags of side waste on the next scheduled collection day, which will be in the week beginning Monday 22 May.
  • Affected recycling collections will be returned for next week. If it is safe to do so, crushing, squashing and flattening recycling helps make the most of the space in boxes and bags.
  • Garden waste collections will be returned for in two weeks’ time.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience but cannot make return collections any earlier without causing further disruption.

If anyone has waste that urgently needs to be disposed of, refuse, recycling or garden waste can be taken to any of Somerset’s 16 recycling centres.

Please note: Crews will not be making collections on bank holiday Monday 8 May. Collections will be a day later than usual all that week, including collections that would usually take place on Friday 12 May happening on Saturday 13 May.


Recycling crew putting waste into the lorry

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April 26, 2023


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